Our Minister

Reverend Jay Lang

Our Senior Minister & Spiritual Director, Rev. Jay Lang, has an enthusiasm for life and a heart of compassion that shine through his weekly messages. He is a skilled teacher as well as an experienced and caring counselor. He came to the Center for Spiritual Living from Denver, Colorado where he received his Masters Degree in Theology and Consciousness Studies. His first ministerial call was at Mile Hi Church in 2011. He accepted the Spiritual Director/Senior Minister position at the Center for Spiritual Living, Napa Valley in 2014.

The key to Rev. Jay’s messages and classes is everyday spirituality with practical tools. Rev. Jay believes that personal transformation happens when we apply these spiritual tools with the practices of prayer and meditation. In a spiritual community this work has even greater power. His vision is to reveal oneness through community by letting go of judgments and negative thinking and recognizing the sacredness of all life.

When away from the center, Rev. Jay enjoys spending time with his friends and family which includes his wife, Michelle, their combined 4 grown children and 5 beautiful grandchildren. He also loves to hike, ride his bike and spend time in nature. Rev. Jay was willing to give up the mountains of Colorado as long as he had the hills and valleys here in Napa to explore.