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Do you WISH or do you KNOW it is so?

Sunday September 27, 2020 10:30am: “And So It Is Already Done: Walking on Sunshine.”

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Dear Beloved Community,

Are your prayers usually a plea, a wish, an affirmation of good to come or a combination of all 3? There is no wrong way to pray, for any conversation with our higher power is worth our time. One time I heard someone humorously ask, “What if all this prayer and meditation does not change anything, but just brings me peace and contentment?” Surely peace and contentment are enough of a reason to take time to pray but it can be so much more.

Finding peace is always the first step of prayer for me. I often begin my prayer sessions with concerns or worries for myself or others. Then I set aside the emotions of these concerns and state an intention of the desired outcome - Healing, Freedom, Beauty or Love to name a few. I seek a deeper peace and connection within me with Spirit and let go of my attachment of how these intentions will be manifested. I affirm from this place of peace that a movement towards Healing, Freedom, Beauty and Love is already happening. I affirm this truth by saying, “And So It Is!”

Ancient Hebrew and West African cultures both have a similar way of completing their prayers with Amen and Ashay, respectively, which mean, ‘So Be It’ and ‘This Is the Truth.’ With any concern we may have, we can take a moment to unify with a power greater than we know ourselves to be, speak a word of intention for Healing, Freedom, Beauty or Love, and then complete this prayer confidently by saying, “And this is the Truth” or “And So It Is”.

Join us on Sunday at 10:30 on Watch Our Live Service on You Tube or Facebook as we continue to celebrate community as I speak about “And So It Is Already Done: Walking on Sunshine.” Bodhi Setchko join us with his inspiration music and practitioner, Joie Goodkin, will offer us prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection.

Much Love and Many Blessings, Rev. Jay

After-service Community fellowship on zoom: https://zoom.us/j/159961535.

I invite you to participate in our currently running silent auction and/or our live event at 4 PM on Saturday. Our silent auction has over 50 items, ranging in starting bids of $10 to $85, including adventures, art, beauty products, apparel, plants, wine and professional services all to benefit our vision to create a world that works for everyone. Bids for the silent auction close at 4:15 pm on Saturday. You do not have to be available on Saturday to win. Please click here to go to the auction.

Join us Saturday at 4 pm the virtual Sip + Savor Gala with live music with Karen Drucker, games and a live auction with Barry Martin. Click here for registration. With all of the items donated this year, 100% goes towards our vision to create a world that works for everyone. Also raffle tickets are now on sale for drawings during the Sip+Savor for wine that has a value between $30 and $80. Click here to buy a Raffle Ticket.Thank you for participating in our fundraising and community building events.


Sept 23 - 26 Online Silent Auction

Sept 26

  • 3:00 PM - Virtual Wine Tasting Event (Sold Out)

  • 4:00 PM - Gala, Games and Live Auction w/ Barry Martin and Musical Guest Karen Drucker

What to Expect

Exciting games, prizes, and the opportunity to bid on items. This year all items have been donated by our community members. 100% goes towards fulfilling the vision of the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living. Silent and Live Auction items include art, photography, quilts, wine, experiences including wine tasting, a Japanese shinrin-yoku or forest bath, a guided labyrinth walk and home-cooked gourmet meals as well as 3 different resort vacations: South Tahoe Lake and along the coast south in San Diego and Mexico.

There will be some 'deals' and some amazing 'values' all in name of the supporting our efforts to create a Beloved Community with radical welcoming, compassion in action and seeing God in all people and faiths.


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