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Can you see me smile behind my mask?

Sunday August 2, 2020 10:30am: Created to be the SAME and to be Different

Live Service on Facebook or YouTube

Dear Beloved Community,

Can our eyes alone let people know that we are friendly and open? How can we extend our efforts to be compassionate and inclusive when our voice is muffled and our smile is hidden by the protective masks we are wearing in public spaces? I have seen fear, anxiety, and sadness and also joy, peace, and love in the eyes of those wearing masks. If the eyes are the windows to our soul, can we intentionally project love and compassion from our soul through our eyes? I think so. It can begin as an inner realization of love by imagining the unconditional love of the Divine and/or that we hold for another person or an animal friend. We can then allow this feeling to permeate through our body. As we venture out into the world, we can know that this love within communicates through our eyes and the energy of our consciousness. We are at peace as we know the peace for those we ‘see’. May the love in our eyes greet, accept, and honor each person in their uniqueness and their oneness.

This Sunday, I am beginning a new series on ‘Inclusivity in Action’. Our efforts of inclusivity are not restricted by our reclusivity. Join me on Facebook or YouTube to find unlimited ways to love how we are the same and how we are different. Practitioner, Peggy Usak, will open the service with prayer and meditation and David Washington returns with his music streaming to us all the way from North Carolina. His music and energy are contagious!

On Sunday, join us on zoom at 10:10 am before the service for community morning coffee and conversation and again on zoom for fellowship after the service.

10:10 am community coffee on zoom: https://zoom.us/j/159961535.

10:30 am Live Stream Service on Facebook or YouTube

After-service Community fellowship on zoom: https://zoom.us/j/159961535.

Much Love and Many Blessings, Rev. Jay

P.S. We moved our Virtual Sip+Savor+Auction Gala to Sept. 26. Please consider donating auction items of value. For more information, click here

Much Love and Many Blessings, Rev. Jay


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