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Got Hope? or Is it Challenging to Find these days?😳🙆

Sunday July 12, 2020 10:30am: Finding Freedom

“Hope is not something that will just passively float into your life. Instead, hope will enter when you create ways to consciously bring it into your day.”

- Alan Woldfelt

Dear Beloved Community,

In these times of change and emergence, hope can come and go. I think we were all encouraged by the progress made in Napa Valley (and Northern California) in flattening the curve of the Coronavirus spread. A lot of us have been looking forward to social connections with friends and in-person services at the Center. However, recently, as the numbers of new COVID-19 cases have increased, many of us have felt despair. I know I did. The challenge with hope is that if it is based on specific expectations we can easily lose that hope when our experiences don’t match our wishes. The good news is that hope is a renewable resource. Hope can be nurtured and built even in the face of obstacles. Hope that is built on building blocks of gratitude of what already is, and a sense of purpose and passion channeled into what we can do is sustainable. This Sunday, I will be talking about the 'Freedom of Hope' and the ways to build and nurture hope during any challenging times. Lynda Lundry from the San Jose Center for Spiritual Living will join us with her deeply Spiritual music. You can join us on Facebook or YouTube

Much Love and Many Blessings, Rev. Jay


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