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Is the Election our Mental Equivalent?

Sunday November 8, 2020 10:30am: “The Universe Matches Our Mental Equivalent.”

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Dear Beloved Community,

We have become acutely aware of our different perspectives as our nation moves through incredibly close elections. Yet we are not as different as we might think. We all seek safety, security, happiness, and freedom. We all want to be able to prosper and to come back home to our family and our community. We only differ on the ‘how’ of what we think is the best way to meet these basic desires.

I, personally, have been anxious, as many of you have been, because of the unsettledness of this presidential election and the unsettledness of the American people. We are in times of uncertainty and, not surprisingly, we have an election that is unprecedented and uncertain. I believe all life is a reflection of our consciousness, which is also called our "mental equivalent". Our mental equivalent is the combination of our beliefs, our thoughts, and our intentions. What we experience is a result of our mental equivalent. Our elections are no different.

This does not mean everything that happens in our life is the result of our personal thinking, because we live in a world with billions of other people and their mental equivalents as well. We can think of our personal consciousness as a thread in a tapestry. Our life is our individual thread weaving through the tapestry with our beliefs, thoughts and intentions in a sea of others with their threads, some consciously, some unconsciously. The more intentional and conscious we are, the more it makes a difference in our expression and our experience. When we bring enough people together in a conscious community, we have a greater influence with the synthesis of our unified mental equivalent. We can create beauty and abundance within the tapestry of life. This is the purpose and the vision of our community and so many centers and communities of different faiths around the globe. Together we are creating a place for peace, liberty, and prosperity for all. Thank you for being part of this creation.

This Sunday, I will expand on these ideas in my message, “The Universe Matches Our Mental Equivalent.” I will also offer a simple ritual about creating our experiences with our intention and our mental equivalent. Our nation and our world need all that we can do to create a ‘re-uniting’ of our United States. I invite you to bring a candle to the room where you watch our live service on Sunday to participate in your own home.

We have a new musician, Andy Anderson, who will be with us live. Andy has been described as a “singer, songwriter and poet who always comes from the heart.” Our practitioner, Michael Coleman, RScP, will offer prayer and Spiritual reflection. Watch Our Live Sunday Service 10:30am on You Tube or Facebook Much Love and Many Blessings, Rev. Jay

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