Cultivating Community


“Comunidad Cultivadora”

Fun and Connecting Experiences

Hosted by us for us + friends

FILL OUT the Host/hostess form.

Host/Hostess Sign-ups from March 22 – April 19, 2020

Anonymous Bidding from April 26 – May 31, 2020

Winning Bidders Announced May 31, 2020

All Events held from June 5 to December 19

Payments for all 2020 events due by June 15, 2020

cultivating Community

A new idea for ‘fun’ raising. A host/ hostess will create an experience and others bid on the opportunity to be a part of the experience. All funds raised will support the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living and our community outreach.

Ideas for the host/ hostess include hosted home cooked meals (maybe with a specialty, like garden to table or gourmet), hosted wine tasting or tours, hosted hikes or excursions, hosted events or experiences, a hosted service project, or a class on a particular subject or skill. The ideas are limitless. The host/ hostess would cover all the basic expenses of the event. The host/ hostess signs up from May 17-June 14. The host/ hostess will provide a date, time, location, a description, the maximum number of people and a beginning bid price for the event (suggested $10-$20, but could be higher depending on the value). The Board of Trustees, Mary Ward and Rev. Jay are happy to help you brainstorm, describe or value an event.

Then starting on June 15, people will anonymously bid on the experience starting at the bid price established. Once an event reaches the maximum number of participants, people can continue to bid, but now bid a higher amount. The new bidder takes the 1st bidder off the list and the next bidder takes the next person on top of the list. The bidding continues until July 12 when winners are announced. One aspect of the way the bidding is done is that you know for what you are bidding and you will not know who is bidding with you until the final bids are announced because all bids are anonymous.

Sounds like fun! It is! The Center for Spiritual Living in Redding and in Seattle have done this for years and has rave reviews for growing the community.