What We believe
Spiritual Principles

We join with 400 Centers for Spiritual Living across the world in a vision to co-create a world that works for everyone by living intentionally, loving unconditionally. and seeing God in all people and all faiths.

We are founded on the writings of our founder, Ernest Holmes, and other Spiritual teachers, both ancient and modern. Below are some of the core principles that are the foundation of our teaching and services.

There is only one Divine Intelligence, known by many names: God, Great Spirit, Higher Power, Yahweh, Allah, and many more. We consider this 'God' to be without form or gender and we often refer to it simply as Spirit. All people and all life are connected with this Divine Essence. We are one and we are each a unique expression of Spirit. Each person is all Spirit and yet, Spirit is much more than each person.

We believe that Spirit is personal to anyone who is willing to be open to its presence. We can be comforted by its peace and guided by its presence in our life. The more we meditate and practice being intentional in our lives, the more we become aware of our intuitive and spiritual nature


Spirit seeks to express its unconditional love and acceptance of all faiths, cultures, races, and orientations through us. The more we are able to let go of limiting thinking and judgments and are willing to let go and forgive, the more we can allow Spirit to express its love through us in our own unique way.

Spirit is a transcendent, perfect whole that contains and embraces all seeming opposites. As human beings, we have free will and can choose what we experience, whether it be positive or negative. The same Principle that brings freedom, prosperity, and joy also allows us to experience bondage, lack, or misery, according to our consciousness.


Just as there are predictable laws of physics and biology, there are predictable Spiritual laws that establish order in the universe. When we are in harmony with Spirit, we can co-create a life of our choosing by applying principles like the laws of attraction, mental equivalence, giving and receiving, reciprocity, and gratitude. Spiritual laws are impersonal, consistent, and are always operating.


Our founder, Ernest Holmes, believed that every person can experience freedom from discord. We also align with what Buddha realized: the less we are attached, the less will suffer. We may experience loss and limitation at times in our life, and we can discover contentment, gratitude, and deeper truths within our conditions.

When we regularly and consistently engage in Spiritual Practices like meditation, affirmative prayer, mindfulness, and visioning, they can deepen their awareness and live in alignment with their highest and best expression. When we practice as a community there is even greater power. Spiritual Tools We Practice

Just as Jesus taught, we can create Heaven on Earth by seeking peace and compassion within ourselves and then acting from that peace and compassion in all aspects of our life. We can also experience a 'hell' on Earth when we act out of balance and harmony. We believe we are a blessing from our birth and that eternal life is divinely given to all people and not earned or granted to a select faith.
The Divine Life within us can never die.