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WE ARE Praying for You

Make a Prayer Request and our practitioners and minister will pray for your request for a month.

Our practitioners and ministers are dedicated to knowing that your highest good is happening right now.

What is a practitioner? They are prayer partners that have completed courses in the use of the Science of Mind philosophy and how to deepen their consciousness. They are licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living as a professional practitioner (RScP) that allows them to pray with people after services and events, teach Science of Mind classes, and guide individuals in private sessions. Below is a list of our practitioners. The ones with the * meet with members in private sessions, for a fee, often on a sliding scale.

Look for our Practitioners after each of our Sunday services. They are available to sit in prayer with you and/or you may also fill out a written Prayer Request and place it into their prayer box located in the sanctuary foyer (or use the online form).

Do you want to become a practitioner? Email Rev. Jay ( and let him know your intention.

Diana Browning, RScP* 707.290.0269

Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis.

Diana has been a member of NVCSL since May of 2000 and an active Licensed Practitioner since September 2003. She loves getting to know people and opening their consciousness by teaching classes at our Center. She enjoys using her artistic talents to help beautify our sanctuary and grounds. She believes in life, the power of prayer, Love, beauty, dancing and playing her ukulele. Diana is an artist who is involved with the ongoing beautification process of our property and has on occasion delivered Sunday Talks. On Tuesday mornings she participates in The Ministry of Prayer at the Center. Her motto is: “I follow my heart in all I do”.

Peggy Usak, RScP*

Available by appointment

Janet Champion, RScP 707.580.8215

Dale Carr, RScP

Michael Coleman, RScP* 707.224.7515

Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis.

Imelda Gomez, RScP* (bilingual)

Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis.

Branessa Kunitz, RScP*

Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis.

Laura Keller, RScP

Georgiann Kite, RScP (OK)

Lu Ann Whale*, RScP (MT)

Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis.