Spiritual Tools We Practice

Affirmative Prayer or Treatment

At the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living, we practice a form of affirmative prayer called “Spiritual Mind Treatment.” An Affirmative Prayer is a practical tool that aligns our thoughts with our highest Divine good. It shifts our consciousness so that we are open and available to accept the good that is all around us.
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Affirtmative Prayer


Meditation is a wonderful metaphysical practice that fosters a peaceful state of being, relaxes you, provides mental clarity, and helps you to tap into your intuitive nature. Meditation can be silent or guided. Incorporating a regular meditation practice in your life will help you connect to the power of the Divine that resides within.

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Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of one’s motives and inner dialogue. It is the foundation for conscious choice and can be developed through silent reflection, journaling, working with a practitioner, and other methods.


Gratitude is the practice of seeing creation as life-affirming, looking for the good and praising it. Gratitude is more than an emotion; it is an attitude of appreciation and acceptance.

Compassion in Action

Compassion is the practice of respecting the true nature of all life and claiming the same good for others that we accept for ourselves. When we are able to put compassion in action in spiritual activism and community service, we are promoting the spread of kindness, equality, and justice.
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Non-Judgment & Acceptance

When we judge others, we limit them and us to see a greater God potential. All are welcome at the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living. We embrace all faiths, races, cultures, and orientations. We believe that diversity makes us wiser and more creative in problem-solving and in community building.

Living Intentionally

Living Intentionally is the practice of mindfully bringing about the greater good, a more abundant experience of life, and a better condition for all than what existed before. Affirmative prayer, meditation, and mindfulness support our living intentionally.

Seeking Wisdom & Truth through Study

In our classes and workshops, we refer to the ancient wisdom of theologians, philosophers, and psychologists. Then our teachers offer ideas and experiential practices that assist you in applying this wisdom and deeper truths in practical life applications. We also develop bonds with other people in these classes who are also seekers. Classes are a pathway to spiritual leadership. We actively suport and encourage leaders of all ages, races, orientations, and genders.

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