Professional Practitioner Training

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Professional Prayer Practitioner Training

Are you ready to challenge yourself to a deeper love, practice, and expression of Science of Mind and Spirit? Inward Journey is a 6-month study devoted to advancing spiritual awareness, exploring your relationship to the Universe, and preparing you to live more fully and purposefully. Here, you will learn to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Science of Mind as taught by Ernest Holmes and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Through this Journey, you will develop a deeper practice in living a conscious life for the benefit and blessing of yourself and others; in addition, you will become aware of what you need to clear in your own consciousness as you begin to apply your spiritual understanding to all human conditions.

This nine month training (stay tuned for dates) focuses on the consciousness, skills, and responsibilities of the Professional Prayer Practitioner, the principles we teach, the process in healing, as well as a Practitioner’s relationship to the Center, the community, and the world.

Students will learn the skills necessary to be proficient in working professionally with clients along with the foundations of setting up a professional practice. Students will also have the opportunity to expand their own vision of life as a Practitioner, not only as one-on-one client practitioners, but also as ‘being a Practitioner’ relates to the world and the collective transformation occurring in our spiritual evolution.