Find Your Place to Serve

Serving from the heart with your time and talents is a place of personal growth and supports the Center. Not sure where you fit in? We can help you find a place to make a difference for you and for our community.

Please fill out this Sacred Service Volunteer Application Form: or call Mary Ward at 707.252.4847

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Sunday Coffee/Snack Service

Frequency: As often as you like - shared responsibility

Tasks: Preparing, presenting and cleaning up our coffee and snacks after each service

Contact: NVCSL Office @ 707.252.4847 or

Children's Church

Frequency: Sundays from approximately 10:15 am - 11:45 am

Tasks: Assisting with the children's program each Sunday at 10:30

Contact: NVCSL's Office @ 707.252.4847 or

Audio During Services

Frequency: As needed on Sundays and Special Events

Tasks: Running audio for Sunday Services

Contact: Rev. Jay at

Garden Clean-up & Maintenance

Frequency: Show up as needed

Tasks: Cleanup, planting, painting, etc.

Contact: Tom Van Senus through NVCSL's Office @ 707.252.4847 or

Sanctuary Flower Arranging

Frequency: Monthly

Tasks: Contribute your gifts and talents to visually enhance the month's theme

Contact: Jean Morhorovich through the office at 707.252.4847 or


Fundraising & Holiday Events

Tasks: Offering your skills as needed

Contact: NVCSL's Office at