PRAYER Practitioners

We Are Here For You

Our Prayer Practitioners are dedicated to standing in divine truth on behalf of you, our community and the world. You may contact and individual Practitioner directly, or via confidential email.

Look for our Practitioners after each of our Sunday services. They are available to sit in prayer with you and/or you may also fill out a written Prayer Request and place it into their prayer box located in the sanctuary foyer, or Use our ONLINE FORM . Our practitioners will pray over your request each week for a month. 

Licensed Prayer Practitioner | After completing a professional course of study in the use of the Science of Mind philosophy and after passing rigorous written and oral examinations, a student is licensed by the Centers for Spiritual Living as a professional practitioner (RScP). Practitioners teach Science of Mind classes, counsel with clients individually and perform sacred ceremonies such as the blessing of new beginnings, rites of passage and memorial services. *Fees may be involved with some services and will be set by the individual practitioner, usually on a sliding scale.

Diana Browning, RScP 707.290.0269

 Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis. 

Diana has been a member of NVCSL since May of 2000 and an active Licensed Practitioner since September 2003. She loves getting to know people and opening their consciousness by teaching classes at our Center. She enjoys using her artistic talents to help beautify our sanctuary and grounds. She believes in life, the power of prayer, Love, beauty, dancing and playing her ukulele. Diana is an artist who is involved with the ongoing beautification process of our property and has on occasion delivered Sunday Talks. On Tuesday mornings she participates in The Ministry of Prayer at the Center. Her motto is: “I follow my heart in all I do”.  

Peggy Usak, RScP

 Available by appointment 

Janet Champion, RScP  

Janet attended Mile Hi Church of Religious Science in Lakewood, Co. from 1994 until Nov. 1997.  She moved back to Napa where she grew up and made NVCSL her church home. She became a practitioner in 2003.  Janet has one adult daughter, and two adult sons.  Janet has been blessed with two granddaughters, two grandsons, and 4 great granddaughters.  You may find Janet working in the church office every Monday, unless she has taken to the road in her RV with her two cats, Yoda and Patches.  Her interests also include creating and enhancing the beauty of her surroundings through art (her own, and other artists) interior decorating and flower gardening. She also enjoys books, movies, live theater, and walking in nature, especially in the hills or by the ocean. 

Dale Carr, RScP

I've been a member of the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living since 1980.  I've been a Practitioner since 2000.  I've also been an Assessment Counselor at North Bay Regional Center since 1980, working with individuals with developmental disabilities. I love participating at our Center. It's my local family. My daughter, Trisha, and my two adult grandchildren, Danny and Taylor, reside in Ohio.  I have a wide variety of interests that include volunteering at the Napa Valley Opera House, making jewelry, fashion, acting and theater, shopping in thrift stores, traveling, dancing, reading, and collecting a bunch of things-especially cows. I am extremely grateful for all of the good in my life and for the wonderful Religious Science teachings of our founder, Ernest Holmes, that have changed my life.  You'll usually find me on Sundays at the back of the sanctuary as I love 

Michael Coleman, RScP 707.224.7515

 Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis. 

Imelda Gomez, RScP (bilingual)

 Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis. 

Georgia Davis, RScP

Laura Keller, RScP

Georgiann Kite, RScP (OK)

Lu Ann Whale, RScP (MT)

 Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis. 

Martha Martinez, RScP (bilingual)

Woody Madera,  RScP

Guadalupe  Ángulo, RScP (bilingual)

Dawn Pinkney,  RScP
707.387.4074 | EMAIL 

 Available by appointment on
a (sliding scale) fee basis.