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What to Expect

welcome Friend! IT's Different Here

Thank you for checking out our website and considering visiting us in person. When you walk into one of our services, it might appear as any other church and we offer a unique experience. We are a breath of fresh air for those who have had unsatisfying experiences in other religions or for those who are spiritual and seeking a community and a deeper experience. Many are surprised to discover a center with beliefs like theirs here in Napa.

There are over 400 Centers for Spiritual Living around the U.S., Mexico, Canada and the rest of the world. As our name suggests, we are more Spiritual, then religious, and we are a more of a center than a church because we have events, classes and community service activities that go beyond Sunday services, even though we those also. We seek practical application of Spiritual principles to do our part in making the world a place that works for everyone.

What We Believe

ONENESS - There is one infinite reality. We call it many names, including but not limited to God, life, universal spirit, infinite intelligence, first cause, or the thing itself. This one infinite reality is undivided, complete, and whole within itself. Since this oneness has no gender nor physical form, we often refer to this Divine presence as ‘Spirit’ or just ‘it’, rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’. It is not in any particular place and yet is everywhere and in everyone. We are connected in oneness by Spirit because it is within each of us and all in life. We believe that Spirit is personal to all who seek to feel this indwelling presence.

SPIRITUAL BEINGS- We are all spiritual beings having human experiences. The more we align with our spiritual or ‘soul’ nature, the more we are able to be on purpose and make a difference in the world.

WHOLENESS - We believe every person is a whole and complete expression of the Divine. There is nothing missing nor nothing that needs to be fixed. We make choices in our lives that are either life affirming or life denying and healthy or unhealthy. When we integrate our body, mind, heart and soul we are more likely to make choices that are life affirming and healthy.

SPIRITUAL PRACTICE - We believe that we are able to integrate our body, mind, heart, and soul through certain spiritual practices like meditation, affirmative prayer, affirmations, consciousness work within a community, and other intentional ways including walking, other kinds of movement, and being in nature.

CREATING A LIFE OF OUR CHOOSING - We can use our intentional thoughts and feelings to create our experiences. Although we may not be able to control all of our circumstances, we can choose our responses. When we choose to be grateful for our current situations and affirm the experiences we seek, we can enjoy peace, contentment and abundance in our life. We believe that there is a power in universe, known by many names, that can help us and guide us to create the life of our choosing.

HEAVEN - Heaven is the state of awareness of our spiritual nature. When we awaken to our spiritual nature , we can experience heaven on earth. We can also experience hell on earth when we operate out of fear, anger, or patterned beliefs of unworthiness.

ETERNAL LIFE - We believe our soul existed before this human life and will to continue to live after it. Our eternality is not dependent on any belief or practice. We believe in the immortality and the continuity of the individual forever and ever expanding.

Questions about these beliefs or want to know more, email us at office@nvcsl.com and/or join us on Sunday.