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#NVCSLLive​ | Sunday
12, 2021 @ 10:30am
The Joy of Becoming

Sunday’s In December Journey of Becoming.
Also Live or On-demand on YouTube or Facebook

An RSVP is required for the Candle Lighting service because we of COVID precautions...

Click here for the online form
Call Mary at 707.252.4847.
or scan the QR image to the left with your phone camera.

Who is the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living?

We are an inclusive community for Spiritual Growth and Compassionate Action. Everybody. Always. All Faiths, Races, Cultures, Orientations and Gender Expressions.
Our mission is to co-create a world that works for everyone by living intentionally, loving unconditionally, and seeing God in all people and all faiths.

What our members are saying

"A spiritual community that actively cares about
the greater community." - Susanne R.

"A place to grow unconditionally." - Michael C.

"I love the Center. The message is in line with the heart of mystical traditions: oneness and love." - Amy H.

"If you're looking for a Spiritual home that is open, loving, and accepting, the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living is it!"
Michelle L

NV Center For Spiritual Living
1249 Coombs St. Napa, CA 94559
Mailing address:1237 Coombs St. Napa, CA 91559

In The News

“African Americans have been red-lined out of homes, sun-downed out of town, and left to go elsewhere where they could make a life,” said the Rev. Jay Lang of the Center for Spiritual Living Napa Valley. “We cannot change the past but we can certainly change where we are now and where we are going.”

“It’s under one God that we gather in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, that men, women, brothers and sisters seek justice and equality, and we stand with that.”

NAPA VALLEY REGISTER Article by Howard Yune, MONDAY June 7, 2020

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