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Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Georgia Prescott, Founder, Sacramento Center for Spiritual Awareness
This workshop helps to create a new paradigm for folks between 50 & 99 to lives of greater abundance, purpose, connection, and joy.  $30 fee  Tickets 

Bad Faith DOcumentary 

 Friday, July 26, 6:30 PM— Napa Premier Movie, “Bad Faith” Documentary (2024)  with Peter Coyote, actor and film narrator in a post-movie discussion.  The forces tearing apart our democracy have never been more frightening or powerful, but who is actually behind them? BAD FAITH reveals how Christian Nationalist leaders have spread fear and anger for decades, distorting political issues into Biblical battles between good and evil. Free and Open to the public but with limited seating.  RSVP Link: https://brze.app/37TWK0