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It's different here: 'Spiritual but not religious'. Inspirational music and message in a warm and inviting community.  Join us for a time to meet a diverse group of wisdom seekers and progressive thinkers.
We look forward to meeting you!
Our Sunday Celebration Service is at 10:30 am.
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DIRECTIONS (Click for google maps) 1249 Coombs near Pearl & Coombs and the Coombs St. Pedestrian Bridge.  
Parking - Street parking plus a public lot and a garage on the corners of Coombs and Pearl Street
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Sundays In July

Practice Makes Imperfect” 

#NVCSLLive​ | July 7, 2024 10:30am
“What if Perfection isn’t the Goal”

 Join us in person or Online on YouTube and Facebook 

Join Us Live in person for A SUNDay Celebration

Sundays In July

“Practice Makes Imperfect” 

#NVCSLLive​ | July 7, 2024 10:30am “What if Perfection isn’t the Goal”

 Join us in person or Online on YouTube and Facebook 

As we continue our journey through a grand rising, this month we bring our focus to our beliefs about perfection.  Actually, we are bringing our attention to imperfection.  We all know the phrase “practice makes perfect.”  But, here is the thing… it doesn’t!  When the goal of practice is perfection, what we are really doing is suffocating our experience, cutting it off from that life giving essence. However, if the goal of practice is not perfection but to recognize the beauty and possibilities available to us in imperfection, that is when we begin to create an expansive experience of life.

Discover the liberating truth about perfectionism and its impact on your personal and spiritual growth. Join us this week as we explore the transformative power of embracing imperfections as divinely perfect, and unlock a path towards self-acceptance, freedom, and authentic living. “I embrace the beauty of my divine imperfections.” Astra Fox will lead us in spiritual songs and Imelda Gomez, RScP will offer a Spiritual Reflection

Astra Fox

Astra Fox's music is designed to open hearts and minds, to raise the vibration of the listener, and create a world filled with more joy, passion, and inspiration. When Astra is not performing, she is a Life & Spiritual Coach, helping women discover and pursue their life purpose so they can get unstuck, drop the fear, and empower themselves for the new paradigm.

"I believe that a future is possible where each one of us enjoys a life of Joyful Purpose by sharing our own unique gifts and magic with the world." - Astra

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FIRST Sunday of the Month Circle Discussion

with Rev. Jay in the Courtyard at noon. Chat about today’s message, about life, about celebrations and challenges. NOT about politics, the weather, or sports.  

Every Sunday, right after the service. Coffee & Conversation in the Courtyard


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