We thank our Practitioners for providing the affirmations for our page.


Giving & Receiving

I lovingly give all that is mine to give. I gratefully receive all that is mine to receive.


I hold the spiritual truth that peace operates through me at all levels of our nation.

As I am conscious of Spirit breathing me, I express Peace in the world.

Peace is my birthright! I embody it within and without through my thoughts and actions.

I imagine peace indwelling me, surrounding me, and flowing out from me to circle the earth - and God makes it so!


I am free to be ME!

I am free to live with bold energetic brushstrokes!

My Spirit is free to express it's full creativity and passion.

Next Steps

Step by step, my clear and straight thinking evolves.

I move courageously and confidently into the next steps forward.


I am open and receptive to divine inspiration.


I am filled with gratitude for the many blessings of today.


Love in me seeks love in others - and I find it!


As I nurture myself with loving kindness, I nurture all of creation.

The Divine Feminine births love, joy, courage, and forgiveness in me and through me.

I am the seed of Spirit's love planted in divine soil, nurtured and blooming in the light of awareness.


I choose a world of love and gratitude. Therefore, I choose to be loving and grateful.


I anticipate and welcome change.


Resurrecting my thoughts, I make the world new again.

I resurrect myself continually by the current of my positive thought.